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Fortnite World Cup Champion “Bugha” spends his entire $3 million paycheck on V-bucks

It just goes to show you that young kids cannot take on the pressure of barrels full of money. Kyle Giersdorf, 16, (screen name, “Bugha”), won the Fornite World Cup this past weekend in which he took home a whopping $3 million. To put some perspective on his winnings. Kyle brought home more money than

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New Cereal Restaurant “Boats and Oats” to open its doors in Columbus, OH

Picture this. You wake up on a Saturday morning hungover as fuck. After your half-hour-long sit on the toilet, you go downstairs, open up the fridge, and the only thing in there is a half drank FOUR LOKO and two-week-old left-over Olive Garden. But fuck, you’re hungry. And your not an eggs and pancakes breakfast

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John Wick Series to move on from Keanu Reeves in John Wick 4

Summit Entertainment, the creators of the John Wick series, have decided to go another route for the next chapter in the John Wick franchise.  To connect with younger audiences, the creators of the blockbuster saga have decided to partner with Epic Games and film the entire movie in Fortnite: Battle Royale.  “Every shot in the

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